David Lee’s Love Of Ferrari Is Deep

If in some countries we see Ferrari drivers are the type of weekend drivers where they drive only on weekends, not so with David Lee. He drove the Italian car every day. At a minimum, Ferrari FF. Meanwhile, if you wish to drive a Ferrari for a while just like David Lee, perhaps you should visit a trusted car rental’s website and rent a suitable Ferrari for yourself.

Of course, he doesn’t only have a car from one brand. There are Lamborghini and Porsche models, as well as some Rolls Royce that he owns and sometimes used as needed. However, his heart and passion were put on the brand from Maranello, Italy.

In an excerpt from an interview with Petrolicious 2 years ago, he explained the reason for flowing his hobby through Ferrari.

“I really like its history and I don’t think there are any other brands that have a portfolio and a variety of products like Ferrari. After speaking with several other collectors, I will drop my heart to hunt 288 GTOs to the full extent of LaFerrari, “explained David Lee.

David began his love instead of starting from his job. He explained, when he began to run a business that began with his father, namely in the field of selling jewelry and luxury watches, there was a connection between luxury hours and the automotive industry. “How the quality of the engineering, the brand, its brand image, and luxury plus exclusivity make a lot of cooperation between for the car,” explained Lee.

Once he started having a Porsche 911 C2 sportscar, Lamborghini Diablo, he also wanted to have a Ferrari. According to him the incomplete terms of holy trinity without Ferrari. But that’s where fate begins to outline its life with a distinctive brand with the red Rosso Corsa.

At present, he even often holds gatherings between Ferrari owners and a private supercar in events which he holds independently in front of his shop at Hing Wa Lee Plaza, Fairway Drive, Walnut California, USA. The goal is noble, to create scenery that is able to invite people to share the same dream.

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