Dental Implants Lets You Get The Main Functions Of Teeth

Why do you choose Dental Smiles Unlimited? Dental implants become a popular choice because many people use it. They get the benefits of dental implant installation. If you focus only on getting the best service, you can contact us. You can repair or restore missing toothless tooth replacement with teeth that are made similar to the original teeth when you attach dental implants. This is to support 3 main functions of teeth in general, namely:

– Chewing/mastication

In the mastication function, the purpose of dental implants is so that the mastication process is carried out as closely as possible with the original teeth so that the consumption process is not disturbed. A sense of comfort arises because, in the use of implant teeth, the stresses that occur when chewing on food are held back by embedded metal material where the metal is directly fused to the jawbone. This creates a natural eating sensation.

– Beauty/Aesthetics

This dental implant bears a resemblance to a natural tooth because it has roots and crowns. With a neat and good implant process, the results obtained will have a dental aesthetic value that is comparable to the missing original tooth/date. When viewed at a glance, people will never be able to tell which implant teeth and which ones are natural teeth, because both will look the same. The aesthetics of teeth and mouth will have important values ​​in social interaction.

– Pronunciation

Some vocal pronunciation requires teeth as a tool. The pronunciation of several letters will be disturbed when losing teeth, especially in the front teeth. For example, such as pronunciation in letters c, f, l, t, and v. The dental implant that is exactly the same as the original tooth will help dental patients to speak with perfect pronunciation and as clear as to when they still have real teeth. So that the verbal communication process will not be disturbed.

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