How To Remove Scorched Stains And Smell From Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen utensils such as pan and frying pan are prone to burnt stains. Cleaned by using soap containing lemon cannot remove the stain. That’s why you need to soak it first with hot water. On the other hand, you may also need to check out the Miele kitchen utensils that can be maintained easily

Here are some ways to clean the scorch marks on your pan:

Heat water with the pan or frying pan.

Occasionally brush the inner surface with a rough brush (wire or plastic material).

Continue to heat the water to boil;

Turn off the stove, then let the pan or frying pan cool.

After that get rid of the water and the burnt stain will disappear.

You can continue the cleaning process by washing it using ordinary dish soap. This method can help remove slippery surfaces and stubborn charred scents.

In addition, the problem of a smelly fridge is common. Usually, people overcome this by cleaning it with a wet cloth and then drying it. If it still smells, then you should try tips on cleaning this kitchen equipment. Previously, prepare the vanilla extract liquid and several sheets of tissue paper first.

After that, put the tissue into the bowl then pour the vanilla extract into it until it is wet. Use tissue paper to wipe the walls and shelves. Instantly the interior of the kitchen becomes fragrant again.

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