Signs Of Diabetes In Pregnant Women

Diabetes or type 2 diabetes can affect anyone, including pregnant women. Diabetes in pregnant women is also categorized as a pregnancy disorder because this disorder often comes in the third trimester when glucose levels in the body easily increase. High blood sugar destroys millions of small blood vessels in the kidney, damages kidney function and interferes with the excretion process, and it can trigger kidney failure.

Diabetes in pregnant women must be watched because this type of diabetes can trigger changes in the levels of certain hormones in the body. It can bring many problems to the pregnant woman. Diabetes in pregnant women is quite dangerous and therefore you need to recognize the symptoms well.

1. Frequent urination

During pregnancy, pregnant women can indeed experience the urge to urinate, this is caused by fetal pressure on the uterus, which makes the bladder depressed. However, this condition can be caused by symptoms of diabetes. Now if the intensity of urinating pregnant women is too often, then an examination is needed to find out the cause of the explanation.

2. Excessive thirst

When pregnant, a woman’s body experiences many changes. You should aware of excessive thirst because this is one sign of gestational diabetes. High and excessive sugar levels can trigger metabolic problems, making pregnant women easily thirsty.

3. Fungal infections

Signs of diabetes that attack pregnant women are also marked by infection, such as easy to sprue, the appearance of white spots in the mouth, rashes and vaginal discharge on intimate organs. This condition often occurs in pregnant women so you should immediately treat it because it can endanger your womb.

4. Frequent drowsiness

Another sign of diabetes in pregnant women is that it is easy to experience fatigue, even though pregnant women easily feel heavy drowsiness. If you feel this way, you can go visit doctor and you ask for their help.

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