Violence Against Children Might Turn Them Into Violent Parents

It does not rule out the possibility that children who have experienced violence or abuse can become parents who commit such violence/abuse to their children later. In fact, this cycle is very possible. Research has shown that around one-third of children who are victims of violence can become perpetrators of violence in the future. Additionally, you may hire a trusted private investigator if you’re worried about how your ex-partner takes care of your child at home.

The study also revealed that there were several factors that could support this. The main factors found are:

Violence is done early.
Violence was carried out for a long time.
Violence is carried out by people who are in close contact with victims, such as parents.
Violence committed is very dangerous for children.
Violence occurs with an emotionally cold atmosphere in the family environment.

Often, child victims of violence cope with the trauma by denying that they have accepted violence or by blaming themselves. Reasons for applying discipline are often used to commit violence against children, so this treatment is justified by parents and children. Even though, it shouldn’t be.

In the end, children who have experienced violence when they were young cannot see how parents should love and treat their children well. So, most likely he will grow with the ability to “become a parent” that is lacking or bad. Victims of abuse when this child only knows how to raise a child in the way he was raised.

Is it possible for children who are victims of violence to grow up as nonviolent adults?

Yes, not always children who are victims of violence become parents who also commit violence on their children later. There are also children who are victims of violence who realize that what they receive is not a good thing. So, in the end, he was motivated not to do the same thing as he received and to protect their children even more from violence.

The child who is a victim of violence must be told that what he receives is wrong and not good so that he will not behave like that to anyone.

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