Viewing a motion picture in the cinema may fluctuate contingent upon the projection system and format. The film can be exhibited both in the conventional 2D-format, and in three-dimensional stereo. In the meantime, both stereo and 2D additionally have inconstancy in projection quality. Think about the principle ones.


Canadian organization holds palm among all film screening systems, offering benchmark quality in the two formats. The first and most progressive in resolution and edge measure – film IMAX. The format was created in 1970 and depends on the utilization of a 70 mm wide film. In contrast to the customary 35 mm with five apertures, in Regal IMAX, the edge is found not over, however along and possesses 15 punctures. Huge walk and angle proportion give a gigantic measure of information. Get the job done it to state that the IMAX projection system communicates the material in 18K resolution. In any case, this quality can be guaranteed if the source was filmed on IMAX cameras that are unwieldy and costly to utilize. Films shot on IMAX film cameras can be relied on the fingers of two hands. Of the last it is significant Christopher Nolan DUNKERK – the principle authority of IMAX from Hollywood.

Generally, film IMAX cinemas have dependably appeared made in different formats, however re-aced utilizing the IMAX DMR technology. For this situation, the first negative was examined with high resolution, after which the picture was expanded and advanced for showcase on the extra large screen. At the point when this happened a slight disintegration in sharpness and grain. From the ace duplicate, the prints were imprinted on 70 mm film by methods for a recorder. The principal film, translated along these lines in the IMAX format, was APOLLO-13 (1995).


REGAL Advanced IMAX system

There are no IMAX cinemas in Russia, yet there are computerized ones. Also, here it is significant the imperative point that the IMAX Digital Theater System implies a cinema lobby gadget, and not the information limit of the picture. The progress to the figure was generally because of the advertising need to scale up the company’s the same old thing. From regular cinemas with an advanced projection IMAX Digital varies screen size and design of the assembly room. For this situation, as a computerized standard, an uncommon IMAX bundle is utilized, which is an improved form of DCP. For this situation, the projector’s resolution is lower than film. Review that the first computerized standard IMAX accommodates the utilization of two projectors with a resolution of 4K. Yet, even such a system does not give a hypothetically important resolution of 18K (it relates to the nature of a 70mm IMAX film). Some cinema systems utilize double 2K projectors through and through. Nevertheless, the most progressive advanced IMAX are laser projection cinema lobbies, which are as near film quality as could be expected under the circumstances, yet at the same time they are mediocre in resolution. In Russia, there is as yet one IMAX cinema with laser projection.

With respect to Regal IMAX 3D, motion pictures in stereo or “level” are appeared in similar corridors. Two distinct advancements are utilized to demonstrate 3D motion pictures in Regal IMAX cinemas. The first includes the projection of a stereo pair and the polarization technique for acquiring a stereo picture. The principle inconvenience of technology is the levels of popularity on the intelligent properties of the screen. That is the reason IMAX utilizes a silver covered screen with Regal Movie Ticket Prices at Roxys Prices. There are plenty of cinemas and theaters to compare the prices but Regal IMAX experience is in a league of its own.

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