You Must Add These Foods To Your List During Your Plastic Surgery Recovery

Plastic surgery procedures are relied upon by several people to correct defects in the face and body. If you intend to do plastic surgery, you must do a number of restrictions when the procedure has been done. Treatment varies according to the type of surgical procedure. In general, the patient must maintain the cleanliness of the wound so it doesn’t get infected. For cuts on the face, he continued, as best as possible not often exposed to sunlight after surgery. This is intended to prevent excessive coloration on the scar. You can do a consultation with dr william portuese before you undergo a plastic surgical procedure.

People who want plastic surgery from the start must know the risk of complications, prepare mentally and physically. For example, such as the use of tight garment fabrics after liposuction and adjusting expectations with the fact the type of operation to be carried out In order for your skin or body parts to recover soon after undergoing plastic surgery, there is some recommended intake such as:

Meat and data sources

anyone can eat meat and healthy fat after undergoing plastic surgery so that the healing of the wound is good. As is known, meat is an important source of protein for the muscles and skin of the body. Besides beef, patients are also encouraged to eat chicken and fish. For postoperative diets, there are still many patients who think that they are afraid of an injury that is so dry that they avoid eggs, fish and chicken.

Enough water

Don’t forget to drink enough water, especially after having plastic surgery. Good hydration will help remove toxins and make the body function properly. Conversely, without adequate water intake, the healing and recovery process can be slower.

Fruit and vegetables

For those who have just undergone plastic surgery don’t forget to consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants. According to Dr. Beta, the content in fruits and vegetables is very good for postoperative recovery. Plastic surgery patients can add to the intake of oranges that are rich in vitamin C.

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